Nonprofits are essential to society.

Fundraising Needs to Evolve

We created Good Edition because nonprofit fundraising needs to evolve. Canadians across all ages are giving less than ever, especially young people.

“Significant changes are taking place that profoundly affect the funding base for Canada’s charities — changes that should concern all Canadians.”

Bruce MacDonald, President and CEO, Imagine Canada 

There is a real risk that thousands of causes providing critical services and conducting groundbreaking research will be pushed out of existence. This is a problem that will affect us all, nonprofits are essential to the social fabric of our country.

Street Canvassing is Not the Solution 

We sought an alternative way to fund the sector. In the fall of 2018 we interviewed over 30 of Canada’s most respected nonprofits about the state of fundraising in Canada. What did we find out? Donors, millennials to boomers, want to engage with and show support for causes they care about in new ways.

Donors want to get something back in return, whether it is a product or an experience.

Donors are tired of street canvassers, telemarketing calls and endless paper mail asking to donate. Donors are not the only ones looking for a better experience, causes are too. Canvassing and telemarketing is expensive and intrusive. The biggest winner is often the marketing company, not the donor or the cause.

Our Model

We work with independent makers in Canada to craft high quality products for charities to create a better giving experience for donors. Turns out eCommerce is far more efficient than street canvassing, telemarketing and paper mail at generating donations.

That’s why we created Good Edition - a new way to support causes you are passionate about, and we believe one of the best ways too.

- Justin & Michael


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